With over 35 years experience in the Royal Navy to draw on, we can provide expertise in a wide range of maritime activities, including:

  • Maritime Security - we are acknowledged experts in counter narcotics and counter piracy, force protection and campaign planning.  We enjoy productive links with key service providers across the international military and merchant marine and can either act in an advisory capacity or lead a team of professionals.  Either way, we can deliver results.


  • Project Management, large or small - tailored to your needs, we can deliver marine projects across a wide range of areas, from overseeing new builds, to refurbishing a racing yacht or reorganising a yacht club - for example as a charitable incorporated organisation.
  • Training - whatever the output, training is a key element of success.  We have decades of experience at individual, unit and group or formation levels of devising, delivering and assessing training.  This year, we have devised a full training package for a new class of vessel for a regional Coastguard and produced a 'concept of use' for a new class of Sail Training Ship for a major blue water Navy.


  • New technologies - with our extensive knowledge of the maritime sector, we are well placed to advise on the marketplace and the application or development of new technologies.  Most recently, we have been involved with the development  and build programmes for a class of of Unmanned Surface Vessels, the practical application of Autonomous Navigation software and we are currently running trials on a new type of mooring buoy aimed at yachts and small craft.  Variety is the spice of life, so where we go next is up to you! 
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