Marine Survey

Looking for a new boat?  Sure what you want? As Associates of the International Institute of Marine Surveyors, we can help you find the right boat, survey her, learn to operate, maintain and replace her.


In addition, we conduct pre-purchase condition surveys, insurance surveys, damage surveys, expert witness cases and can manage the ensuing project on your behalf.  We are based in the Solent but will happily travel all over the British Isles or down to the Mediterranean.


A typical pre-purchase condition survey for a 35 foot yacht involves around six hours onboard, a lift out to inspect the underwater fittings and then a further six hours to prepare the report.  For a pre-purchase survey, we go into as much detail as we can and will focus on specific areas as discussed with the client.  Sea Trials can be undertaken, but may be affected by the weather!


In general, insurance surveys focus on structural and safety issues which imply a greater risk for the Insurer.  So for example, we would not inspect the stitching on the sails, but we would take a close interest in the state of the standing rigging.


We also conduct formal assessments of the value of a vessel which can be of use in purchasing, selling or in legal disputes.  This work involves visiting vessels (often as part of a survey) looking at similar craft and researching with Yacht Brokers before preparing a formal valuation document for the client.


We want to establish a 'cradle to grave' relationship with the owner - help you find the right boat, buy with confidence, run her and eventually replace her.


All our work is governed by the International Institute of Marine Surveyors Code of Practice and we carry full Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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